Voyazides & Hadfield triumph in the International Trophy

The Pre-66 Classic GT Cars swarmed onto the Silverstone circuit for for Saturday’s 50 minute race, as the shadows lengthened.

At the rolling start, Mike Whitaker held his lead from pole position, with Leo Voyazides initially running second, but Oliver Bryant taking that position after a prolonged battle on the first lap. Nathan Kinch was running fourth, as Bryant set off in pursuit of the leading Whitaker TVR. At this early stage, Davidson/Morris in the Elan were leading the CLP class, Paul/Bourne in the Grantura were C1 leaders and Harris/McIntyre were in the lead of C2.

Bryant continued to follow Whitaker as Nathan Kinch headed the train of E-Types behind third-placed Voyazides, Julian Thomas was fifth with Michael Gans in 6th. On lap 5, Bryant relieved Whitaker of the lead with a move through Aintree just as Julian Thomas made a move to pass Nathan Kinch to close up on Leo Voyazides.

A highlight at this stage was the Dod/Dod Griffith which started 54th on the grid but by lap 7 had hauled up to 19th position. Julian Thomas finally found a way past Voyazides at Village and there was a scramble behind which let Michael Gans past Nathan Kinch. Willis and Stretton were in 7th and 8th. As the pit window opened, Bryant held a lead of 3.7 seconds over Whitaker, with Julian Thomas in third and Leo Voyazides in fourth, making a very early pitstop to hand over to Simon Hadfield. Whitaker pitted on lap 11, leaving Thomas in second catching Bryant.

At this stage, Ron Maydon was leading CLP, Paul/Bourne were still holding their C1 lead and C2 was headed by Files/Files in the TR4. As pit stops were being made, Thomas received a drive-through penalty which dropped him from the leading group and Andy Wolfe took over from Michael Gans. Bryant resumed in the lead, with Whitaker, Thomas and Hadfield behind. Hadfield had a long dice with Thomas through Brooklands and Woodcote and then passed Whitaker for second at Copse.

With 14 minutes to go and fading light, Hadfield was catching Bryant at an inexorable rate and eventually made the move at Village, completing at Brooklands, with 8 minutes to run. Whitaker was firmly in third now that Julian Thomas had pitted for his penalty.

At the flag, it was a delighted Hadfield/Voyazides who took the win and C3 class ahead of Oliver Bryant, who admitted his tyres had gone, and Mike Whitaker in third in what he felt was one of his best races in years. The Dod Griffith eventually ended up in 15th, CLP was won by Wilson/Greensall’s Elan, C2 was taken by Grace/Schildt’s Austin Healey and C1 was won by Til Bechtolsheimer in the MGB.