Rob Hall takes Can Am 50 Interserie Challenge victory

The Can Am 50 Interserie Challenge might just be the finest collection of engine noise at the Silverstone Classic discuss! Rob Hall’s bellowing Matra was on pole ahead of two McLarens with over 15 litres of engine capacity between them, and the prospect of a thrilling twenty-minute race.

At the start, Andrew Newall deployed the power of the McLaren and rocketed ahead, Rob Hall following ahead of Michele Liguori, who enjoyed third place until he went wide at Aintree, allowing John Grant through and dropping to fourth.

There was no sign of Newall getting away though, as Hall held his advantage to barely a second in the opening laps. Liguori was being followed by Tony Sinclair who was ahead of another thrilling battle between John Burton and James Claridge. Mark Devis was clawing his way forward, passing Leo Voyazides and eventually Mike Donovan to catch Frank Bradley’s March.

By lap 5, the lead battle was holding everyone’s attention as it appeared Newall’s McLaren was losing grip, the tail of the orange beast wagging out of corners but still capable of setting quickest sectors in its defence. Hall wasn’t giving up though, forcing the advantage into Village and then winning the battle for traction out of Aintree and while the manoeuvre wasn’t fully completed until the pair exited Luffield, it was a pass for the lead which finally stuck.

In the final laps, Bradley, Devis and Donovan were still running nose to tail in their battle for 8th as Rob Hall took the Inter C and overall win, Newall second with CMA honours, then John Grant, Michele Liguori and Tony Sinclair who won INB class, in front of the absorbing Burton/Claridge battle for 6th.