Padmore doubles up in FIA Masters Historic Formula One at Zandvoort

Nick Padmore duly took the double at Zandvoort as his Williams FW07C powered its way up the order from eighth on the reversed grid to lead by lap 3 and then control the pace in the second FIA Masters Historic Formula One race on the Dutch track in the dunes.

After the opening lap, Padmore was up into fourth, his most remarkable pass coming into the Kumho corner leading onto the straight where he took Alex Furiani’s Surtees TS20 around the outside. While Georg Hallau’s Theodore N183 deposed pole-sitter Keith Frieser (Shadow DN1) from the lead, Padmore passed the Canadian for second on the second lap but had to wait until lap 3 to move into the lead, Hallau’s Theodore proving very quick on the straight.

It was really cool overtaking Alex on the outside in the final corner”, said Padmore, so I had fun! The most important thing is that I won the championship, so I get to go to Paris again!

In Padmore’s tracks, Jason Wright rose up to second in his Shadow DN8 but on lap 6 the American had to give way to an even quicker Greg Thornton, handing the March 761 driver a second pre-78 class win of the weekend. Wright kept pushing Thornton all the way, eventually finishing only four tenths down on the pre-78 championship leader, who with fastest lap of the class did enough to win the title.

It was hard work”, said Thornton. I was so focused on taking fastest lap because then I knew I was champion. And then I always had two cars between me and Jason, so that took a while. But once I had him in my sights I knew I had to get it done quickly. And then the fuel pump went on the last lap!

My tyres went off”, said Wright. So I wasn’t coming onto the straight quick enough, and I couldn’t turn in for the corners. It was fun though.”

Behind the top-three, Alex Furiani (Surtees TS20) and Andrew Beaumont (Lotus 81) had an exciting battle for fourth, Beaumont taking the place after going side-by-side with the German through Tarzan on lap 11. Neil Glover (Arrows A5) took sixth to claim the final post-78 spot on the podium.