Kubota cool under pressure in Mexico

Katsuaki Kubota is one cool fellow under pressure, and once Greg Thornton had recovered from a poor start he was kept under plenty of it for the first eight laps of Sunday’s Masters Historic Racing encounter. But once again the Lotus 78 driver never put a wheel wrong on his way to his second victory of the weekend, and after the JPS Lotus 91 driver dropped back on the ninth lap the margin separating them at the finish was 3.4s.

The early laps were enlivened by a terrific duel for third between Ron Maydon in his LEC and Jamie Constable in his Embassy Lola T370. They swapped places time and again before Maydon pulled away, only to retire on the sixth lap. That left Constable to complete the podium, 33.5s in arrears.

Behind them, John Holtzman in his JPS Lotus 87B had a good fight early on with Andrew Beaumont’s Essex Lotus 81 and Chris Farrell’s March 821, on his way to fourth, and Martin Lauber drove a superb race to fifth from the back of the grid. After Saturday podium finisher James Hagan’s mother was taken ill and he had to return home, Lauber took over his Tyrrell as his own Hill GH1 had broken the day before. He climbed through the field in style, completing the opening lap in eighth place before passing Beaumont on lap five, then Farrell on the eighth.

Christophe D’Ansembourg and Doug Mockett completed the finishers in eighth and ninth, as John Delane joined Maydon in retirement.