Kubota adds another win in Mexico!

Greg Thornton would have liked nothing better than to avenge his loss from Austin’s second race last Sunday, when the Masters Historic Racing field regrouped in Mexico in support of the F1 Grand Prix. But though he led for a part of the fifth lap, fellow JPS Lotus racer Katsuaki Kubota had everything under control.

The Lotus 78 pilot had led from pole, kept Thornton’s later 91 model at bay, and then almost immediately repassed him on that fifth lap and thereafter eased away as Thornton made an error on the sixth lap which stretched Kubota’s lead from 0.6s to 1.1s. Kubota continued to manage that to the flag, to win by 3.6s.

Behind them, James Hagan held third throughout in his Tyrrell 011, pursued by Ron Maydon’s LEC and Jamie Constable in his Embassy Lola T370.

The other close battle was for sixth place, which was held initially by Martin Lauber’s Hill GH1 after a nice pass on Chris Farrell’s March 821 on the opening lap. Lauber retired on the second lap, however, and Farrell, who would also later stop, was passed by Christophe D’Ansembourg’s McLaren M26 and Jonathan Holtzman’s Lotus 87B, the latter pair dicing all the way to the flag. After running eighth initially, Andrew Beaumont dropped back in his Lotus 81 but reclaimed the position after the two retirements, to head home Doug Mockett’s Wolf WR6 which got no peace from John Delane’s Tyrrell 003 in the two final laps. They finished 0.9s apart.