Fourth and Final Stint of the HSR Classic Daytona 24 Hours

It was all to play for with David Porter a scant 22 seconds adrift of the Andy Wallace/Doug Smith Audi R8 LMP.

Porter tasked Joao Barbosa in the Peugeot 908 with the challenge and Doug Smith settled in to defend their position.
The drag race to turn one had the Peugeot ahead but not clear, there was contact, the Peugeot 908 left rear with the Audi R8 LMP front right and it was all done for the Audi. Now Barbosa had to elude the hounds in the form of 2 Pescarolo LMPs not far behind.

For the other Masters Endurance Legends drivers, attrition was the word of the hour. Travis Engen’s normally flawless Audi R8 LMP lost part a critical rear downforce support causing the loss of the entire rear wing at 170 mph! Luck and experience allowed Travis to escape unscathed from this scary equipment failure. Jamie Constable in the 2011 Pescarolo LMP was also having a good run when he lost power due to a throttle cable problem which was misdiagnosed in the heat of the moment.

Overview highlights for Group E divisions were 1st in E1 for David Porter, 4th and 5th respectively in E1 for Jamie Constable and Travis Engen. In the E4 division, Dave Roberts/Ray Evernham and Martin Lauber took 3rd place with Charles Nearburg 4th.

The final group F race saw 3 Masters Endurance Legends drivers take to the track to chase results in the F division. This was down from 8 drivers who set out on the Classic 24 Hours. Compared with the level of calamity in the previous sessions, the final Group F race was positively serene.

Robert Tornello had fastest race lap and 7th spot in the Daytona Prototype which brought him to a third place finish in F2 class.
The James Hagan/Chris Atkinson Oreca FLM09 took 9th in race and 2nd overall in the F1 class. Mike Furness and Robin Ward took third in F1 even without participating in race 4 after a failure in the first lap.
Despite missing some of the races, David Methley took second place in his overall in F2 in his 2005 Chevrolet Corvette.