August 10 - 11 2019

Monterey Pre-Reunion

LOCATION: Monterey, California

NEAREST AIRPORT: Monterey Regional Airport (7miles), San Jose (75miles), San Francisco (110miles)

August 10 - 11 - 2016

Monterey Pre-Reunion

LOCATION: Monterey, California

NEAREST AIRPORT: Monterey Regional Airport (7miles), San Jose (75miles), San Francisco (110miles)


Sunshine, great racing and a fantastic atmosphere at the Monterey Pre-Reunion race weekend. The "warm-up" event for the Rolex Monterey Reunion next weekend was a great success for our teams, drivers and us. We can't wait to go back to this fabulous WeatherTech Laguna Raceway shortly!

Come and join us...


Thornton and Nearburg share the spoils!

Race 1 saw Greg Thornton (Lotus 91/5) set off at his usual blistering speed, followed closely by the tall Texan, Charles Nearburg in his Williams FW07B. The chase lasted the entire race and they finished 1-2, pulling away from positions 3-4-5–6-7. This 2nd pack were glued together and was made up of Chris Farrell (March 821), Erich Joiner (Williams FWO8-C), Danny Baker (McLaren M23), Martin Lauber (Penske PC4) & Chris Locke (Lotus 770

The next group 8th through 10th competing within the race was Chris Bender (Arrows A6), Ron Maydon (LEC CRP1) and Steve Romak in his March 761. They finished without incident and the spectators loved hearing those engines roaring.

Race 2 saw Greg Thornton stall at the start and spend the rest of the race threading his way to the front, eventually managing to reach 3rd place. It was a great drive considering where he found himself at the start of the race and the spectators enjoyed seeing that fight! Charles Nearburg looked confident the entire race and won easily with Erich Joiner following in 2nd place. Chris Farrell drove a great race to come in 4th with Steve Hartley’s (Arrows A4) just behind.

James Hagan finished 6th in his Tyrrell 011. Danny Baker used his Laguna track experience well to come in 7th after battling with Steve Romak until he slowed down and stopped. Chris Bender repeated his morning performance to finish 8th. Chris Locke is his ex-Mario Andretti Lotus 77 slipped to 9th from his morning 5th with Ron Maydon right on his tail in 10th.

It was a treat to see these powerful cars being used as they were meant to be, racing flat out. A fitting ending to the Pre Reunion. Lots to look forward to at the Reunion event next weekend!

Bennett wins Race 1 but Engen hits back for Race 2!

Sunday was a perfect sunny day in Northern California for day 2 of a two-day event. The Masters Endurance Legends USA were first up with their 40-minute morning session, Race 1.

Craig Bennett (Lola 12/80) shot to the lead ahead of smooth driving Travis Engen (Audi R8 LMP) with Spencer Trenery (Riley XI Gen 1 Daytona Prototype) challenging Engen lap after lap, all three passed Erich Joiner (Lola B2K10) who’d originally qualified 3rd.

The trio hung on to their placings and lead to win the race over the mid-pack in pursuit. Mark Brannon (Riley ScottMK3C), Steve Zacchia (Ferrari 550 GT1) and Charles Nearburg (Chevrolet Corvette C6R), Chandler Briscoe (Corvette C5R) and Tom Plucinsky (BMW M3GT) were in the chasing pack and finished the race in that order. The last two rounding out the top ten were Peter Racely (Audi R8LMS) and Scooter Gabel (BMW M3).

But it was the afternoon Race 2 that held everyone’s rapt attention. The fight for the lead between Travis Engen and Spencer Trenery was great to watch as they diced for first position, the lead changing more than once. They were nose to tail until the halfway point when the mandatory pit stops began. When they resumed Craig Bennett (Lola12/80), who started from the back of the grid and had been a distant 3rd trying to catch the two lead guys, managed to tuck right behind Engen which lead to some very close and exciting racing in the closing laps. Bennett even did a very tidy 360 spin at turn 8, continued on, and then another nicely recovered wobble at turn 11, near the BMW of Tom Plucinsky neither of which didn’t seem to slow Bennett in the slightest. Engen was triumphant in the end, from Bennett and Trenery in Trenery in 3rd. A terrific way to cap off the Pre Reunion!